Declutter: Our story

How did we get here?  Stuff in our house and our life is starting to make it hard to breathe.  We have decided that it is time to rid our lives of all of this stuff.  I have read lots of stories about others downsizing all of their things one room at a time.  This is our story of sorting what to keep, what to sell and what to donate.  Our goal is to be able to have a yard sale in the fall (we live in a warm climate).

I don’t know about all of you out there,  but we have very generous family members.  They are always giving us gifts and items, but things usually not needed.  We have a hard time particular  with these items.  So in just a short five years, we have accumulated enough stuff for a house twice the size.

Today is day one. My homework is to start in our family room.  I have two very young children, so my goal on a daily basis is to remove 10 items per day, per room.  Pics to come of what is removed.

If you want to join in on these daily goals, please post your progress.  Good luck on the great purge!

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